“Since the inception of the Melkbos Care Centre the dream of offering a nurturing, stable and supportive environment that creates safe boundaries has grown on every level.
Every child has the right to be respected, loved and gently guided to develop into the best that they can be. The Care Centre stands by that principle and supports each child holistically to travel and attend school, eat healthily, bath, play, create and flourish.
Whenever I am in Melkbosstrand and visit the Care Centre the beautiful, open, innocent smiles that always greet me gives me faith in humanity and great respect for all the amazing staff. May they be blessed always.”
Emi Bakos – (M.A.) Counselling Psycholog
“Nuclear Consultants International (NCl) is an ISO 9001:2000 certified nuclear engineering service provider to the South African and international nuclear and conventional energy market.
We were introduced to Melkbos Care Centre, a non-profitable organisation, by one of their Project Managers in October 2008. Realising the needs of the vulnerable and underprivileged children in our own community NCI decided to sponsor the Melkbos Care Centre.
We found that the staff at Melkbos Care Centre are extremely dedicated in their commitment to care for and attend to the children’s daily needs. It is our pleasure and a privilege to be a sponsor of the Melkbos Care Centre.”
SF Crawford – Business Support Manager


Testimonies from our children:

  • Boy (13): “The centre means so much to me. They pay for me when I go on a school camp and help me to get to school every day.”
  • Boy (13): “It is very nice at the care centre. Lunch is very nice and I feel privileged to come here.”
  • Boy (12): I love everything at the centre. Lunch, Christmas presents, rides to school but best of all I’m so grateful that they enrolled me into soccer and come and support me at my games. They also fill in all the millions of school forms.”
  • Boy (9): “I like the centre’s computers. I play games and learn about the internet.”
  • Girl (7): “I like playing at the centre, I feel safe here. The ladies here are very nice.”
  • Boy (17): “I like everything about the centre. I like it when I get a nice plate of food when I get home from school, and they feed everyone at the centre. I’m happy that they put me in a good school and help me with projects, and they take me to school. I’m so grateful that they paid for me to play soccer at a club. I like playing on the computers.”
  • Boy (12): “The centre means everything to me. I’m so happy that I am in a good school and I don’t have to walk to school. I’m thankful that we can eat delicious food in the afternoons, and have a computer to work on and play games on. I am happy that we can go on outings.”
  • Girl (17): “Melkbos Care Centre represents love to me, when I am here I am happy. Everyone goes out of their way to help us. I really love the centre and say thank you to everyone at the centre.”
  • Girl (14): “The centre takes us on these amazing outings. My family would never be able to afford to take me there because we are 9 children.”
  • Boy (9): “I would never be able to do homework by myself, the centre helps me allot. “
  • Boy (7): “I like it when we can look at pictures on the computer a play games.”
  • Boy (9): “I love playing on the trampoline and in the centre’s beautiful garden.”
  • Girl (9): “I like being at the centre and feel sad when we have to go home.”
  • Girl (12): “The centre takes me to school and gives me everything that I need at school.”
  • Boy (12): “The centre fetches me at school every day and if I had to walk there would be no time left to play before the sun goes down.”
  • Boy (15): “The Melkbos Care Centre means so much to me, without the centre I wouldn’t be in such a good school but today I am in the best school. I am grateful to eat a good plate of food in the afternoon. I thank God everyday for the Centre.”